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Every time a player was introduced, I’d elbow Paul and say, ‘What a player he is. Unbelievable.’ Then the next player, he’d elbow me and say, ‘How about him? Unbelievable.’ Then they introduced Mario Lemieux, and we said, ‘Do you think he’d give us his autograph?’ By Teemu Selanne, recalling good friend and teammate Paul Kariya’s first All-Star game, which they both played in. (via hockey-time-machine)

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"When I was a kid my dad used to stop me before I went out the door everyday to school and he would say ‘don’t forget your smile.’ No matter if I was late or sleepy or grouchy or whatever or sometimes happy he would always say ‘don’t forget your smile’ so that’s kinda something I try to live by, and it worked well for me.”

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Charlies Mingus - Fables of Faubus

Track 7 on Mingus’s 1959 masterpiece - ‘Mingus Ah Um’.

Written originally as a faintly comical protest tune against the famously racist governer of Arkansas in 1959 ‘Orval Faubus’. The initial version had a call and response section, in which during the tune, Mingus shouts to the drummer ‘Name me someone who’s ridiculous, Danny’ - to which the words Governor Faubus!’ are enthusiastically called back. Columbia records however refused to publish a record which included this provocative addition to an already controversial tune.